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  1. Introduction
  2. Aim
  3. Rationale
  4. Learners
  5. Prerequisites
  6. Subject Matter
  7. Goals & Objectives
  8. Instructional Plan
  9. Materials
  10. Assessment & Evaluation
  11. Appendix

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The Internet is a curriculum web that introduces students to the evolution of the Internet. Students will complete three exercises that will help them to before familiar with where the Internet came from, how it works, and how it evolved into the format they use it for today

The Internet curriculum web aims to foster an appreciation for the Internet and the way it is used in the student's daily lives.

This curriculum web provides students in an opportunity to learn about how the Internet works. Students in our classrooms today have not known a time when the Internet didn't exist. This curriculum web will help them learn how the Internet was invented and what its main purpose was upon its inception.

This curriculum web is intended for use in a class entitled, “Introduction to Computer Technology.” In this course, students learn the basic features and functions of programs within the Microsoft Office Suite. Students complete projects and assignments in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point. In addition to learning about the Microsoft Office Suite, students are complete a unit on the Internet. This unit includes some historical information on the Internet, basic Internet terms, types of Web pages, searching techniques, and information on how the Internet works. In the past, I have covered these Internet topics in a variety of ways, but have never been fully satisfied in the method of delivery of this information. Therefore, I have selected this unit to create the curriculum web.
There are several main instructional objectives for the students in this unit. First, students will be able to explain the evolution of the Internet. Because students who are in ninth grade do not know a time when the Internet didn’t exist, it is crucial for them to understand how the Internet evolved into what it is today. In order to reach this instructional objective, students will learn about the early days of the Internet and how it has changed over time.
Another main instructional objective for this unit is for the students to be able to explain how the Internet works. Most students have access to the Internet in their homes. However, the majority of students do not understand how or why, when they type in www.google.com, their computers direct them to the Google homepage. It is important for students to have a basic knowledge of what makes the Internet work.
The third main instructional objective for this unit is identification of various types of web pages. Students will learn about various webpage extensions. Students will also learn what types of webpage extensions can be considered good resources for factual information.
The three main instructional objectives listed meet a variety of National Business Education standards as well as a variety of National Educational Technology Standards. The chart below displays the main instructional objectives covered in this curriculum web and the standards it reaches.
By completing this curriculum web, students will gain an appreciation for the way in which the Internet works as well as an appreciation for the evolution that the Internet has undergone over the short time of its existence.

The exercises and readings incorporated in this web are designed specifically for high school aged students in grades 9 and 10.

Before participating in this web students should be able to:
  • Navigate the Internet
  • Create documents in MS Word
  • Create documents in MS Power Point
  • Be able to use an Internet search engine

Subject Matter
This curriculum web is centered on technology-related subject matter relevant to the use of the Internet.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of this web is to foster an appreciation for the evolution of the Internet as well as an understanding of the way the Internet works in our daily lives. Students will also learn about the various types of web pages and their extension.

The following technology and business education standards are addressed within this curriculum web:
Main Instructional Objective
Type of Standard
Specific Standard Addressed
Evolution of Internet
I.1.b—Explain how information technologies meet human needs and improve quality of life
I.1.d—Explain the impact of information technology on the environment
How the Internet Works
III.1.d—Describe emerging technology
XII.2.d—identify the types of networks and their features and applications
Types of web pages
5.a—advocate and practice safe, legal and responsible use of information and technology

Instructional Plan
Prior to beginning this web with students, make sure students know how to use a browser, follow links, and conduct effective Internet searches.

While completing this web, students will need access to the following materials:
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Printer
  • Word Processing Program

Assessment & Evaluation
Evaluation of this curriculum web will utilize a rubric. The rubric can be accessed in the web evaluation portion of the site.


  • Resources
    • This page contains a listing of consulted resources in the creation of this curriculum web.

  • Glossary
    • This page contains definitions for terms presented in one or more of the exercises within this curriculum web

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