Exercise 3 will introduce you to the various types of web pages on the Internet. There are many different types of web pages. It is important to know which type of web page you are viewing in order to evaluate the usefulness of the information presented.

Exercise #3 Tasks
  1. Learn about the various types of web pages by viewing the How to Evaluate Websites video displayed below
  2. Print out the worksheet displayed below.
  3. Complete the worksheet first portion of the work sheet while watching the video
  4. Complete the second portion of the worksheet by using the links below to visit the websites. Categorize the websites as either Advocacy, Informational, Business/Marketing, News, or Personal on your worksheet
    1. General Motors
    2. Smithsonian
    3. The Wall Street Journal
    4. Landsend
    5. Environmental Protection Agency

How To Evaluate Websites Worksheet
Website Evaluation

How To Evaluate Websites Video