This exercise will introduce you to the workings of a network. This is a challenging topic. Do the best you can with the information. You may find it helpful to view the video clip several time.

Exercise #2 Tasks
  1. Watch the Dawn of the Net video displayed below
    1. Print out the worksheet below for the video
    2. You may need to watch the video several times in order to fully understand it's concepts.
    3. Complete the worksheet while you are viewing the video

  2. Create a Word Document called how the Internet works according to (your name)
    1. Create a one-page Word document explaining in your own words, how the Internet works
    2. You may use clip arts, pictures from the Internet, or text to help you explain as best you can, how the Internet works.
    3. Print your document out when finished
    4. Staple your Dawn of the Net Worksheet to this print out and hand into the tray for your class.

In Plain English

Dawn of the Net Video Worksheet
Warriors of the Net Video Worksheet

Dawn of the Net Video